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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Malaysia Boleh

I haven't blogged since I arrived in Johor Bahru in May this year so I thought it was time to get 'back on the blog'.
I am very privileged to be working here as an Education Advisor contracted through a company called LeapEd, to the Malaysian Government.  We are working on a transformation project in government schools called Trust Schools.  To meet accreditation in Year 5 of the programme these schools must meet certain standards across a range of criteria.
The biggest shift is in the Teaching and Learning in these schools and some teachers have come a very long way on an amazing journey. To that end some of the biggest challenges are to meet the AfL and differentiation criteria.
At the highest level this means students need to have far more autonomy and be able to set their own goals, using strategies that suit them and their individual learning styles. To support teachers in doing this it is essential they understand the development and progression of students across the range of skills in their curriculum area. So (or 'jadi' in Malay) to that end I am currently working with a group of teachers in the two schools where I am based to encourage teachers - and ultimately students, to be clear about next steps in learning.
I have found some amazing resources on pinterest and will attach one example with some other links here.
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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Cheat sheets for fonts

Font Awesome Cheat Sheets - could be very handy!

Great things I found today

There are some great suggestions here, I plan to try a few over the next couple of days (time permitting of course)