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Monday, January 5, 2009

PDFs and paper plane Build the best paper airplane ever!
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Many of you are aware that Adobe Reader is a
software program that has been installed in almost every
computer and is used to view and fill PDF forms. With Adobe
Reader, if the file is an interactive form, you may enter
data on the form and print the form with the data, but the
PDF file can not be saved locally. If the PDF file is a non
fill-in form, Adobe Reader has no way of entering data on
the form. The only solution to this up until now was to dish
out more than $500 to purchase the complete Adobe Acrobat
program in order to perform those tasks. But now with PDFill
PDF Editor you can do all these tasks at a fraction of the
cost. Furthermore, you can open PDF file, add commenting
annotations or draw shapes. The edited documents can then be
saved directly back to the original PDF file.
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1 comment:

Mrs Gibb said...

Wow, that is a piece of software worth knowing about. Lucky for me I have the full adobe acrobat professional software but I often need to show others how to fill in their PDF forms which are read-only and they get frustrated when I tell them acrobat reader does not do that. This will come in handy!

Cheers, Mel

(PS. hope you enjoyed being back on land even if it was for less than 24 hours and only to do your washing)