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Friday, February 29, 2008

Digital storytelling

A huge thanks to Bernard Robin for his fast response to my query about Digital Storytelling. His DS website at the University of Houston is a great starting point for any one interested in this aspect of education; it includes exemplars, powerpoints and links. It is interesting that in his email to me Bernard states 'there is not very much research data so far that looks at the effectiveness of digital storytelling. One of my former doctoral students, Bulent Dogan, will be presenting a brief paper next week at the Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education conference.' For educators who are interested in this sphere I am sure that Bernard would be happy to share this information. Another place with very useful information and practical links is my friend Miguel Guhlin's wikispace 'Unleash the power of digital storytelling'.
My 'story' for today was a brisk walk along beautiful Mt Maunganui beach and I am happy to share the scenery of that with you.

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