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Monday, May 5, 2008


Creativity - isolated no longer with online publishing; this wiki from Miguel Guhlin supports many of the discussions I have been having recently with colleagues from a range of curriculum and educational backgrounds.
In particular the example of the home school students who created and uploaded a movie to YouTube illustrates the power of publishing and the motivation of being able to express ourselves to a wider audience. No doubt the YouTube banning debate will go in educational circles for some time but I see it as a distinct disadvantage to be denying learners access to free and powerful tools of communication. The essence of this argument is that learners need to be encouraged and assisted to be responsible for how and when they use the tools that are available. To develop competent lifelong learners this is an essential ingredient in enabling them to make the transition between learning environments - home vs school and independent vs dependent.
Keynote in San Antonio includes notes and a podcast from Dr Don Knezek's keynote address at ICTT 2007 that supports the idea of collegial conversations using ICT.

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