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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Educational jargon generator

Don't forget to check out the new Knight School website, to watch Jane and the Dragon on Wednesdays TV2 at 4.30 - and to get your competition entries in!!!!!!!!

Well hey, look what I just found - how easy it is to digress while working online. My friend Joshy from Melbourne sent me a great stash of open source apps that I am flicking through for usability and in the meantime I somehow came across this Educational Jargon Generator, I am thinking there may be some occasions on which it could come in quite handy!
While working today I have been using what I think for some of us is a huge, but widely underutilised resource - podcasts. I am avidly back in French language learning mode thanks to the motivation of My Happy Planet (see previous blog posting) and have been relistening to the great 'Learn French by Podcast' and Daily podcasts in French - both thanks to itunes. This is another reminder to me of what the web has to offer - free learning!!!

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