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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thursday, last day of conference

I felt like i was in ANTM last night - the room service delivered a black box with Microsoft on and a model cyclo inside - the card reads "Get ready for a scenic cyclo ride tomorrow evening and experience the sights & sounds of the beautiful city of Hanoi."
Yesterday was the hard bit, having to present our posters to 3 judges. We spoke for 6 minutes about our work/project and then they had 2 minutes for questions - waiting for them was the worst part, it was really ok once you got talking. Tonight at the banquet and awards dinner there will be one winning presentation per country announced. The winners of the group resource project will also be announced. Today the groups find out whether or not their project will be presented to the conference - only 2 groups out of every 4 are selected on the basis of the synopsis which had to be submitted by 5pm yesterday.

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