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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Wednesday at conference

The photograph on the left is just one example of many scooters that deliver huge loads in incredible traffic conditions, so far I have only seen one lose even a little bit of its load - they have got to be very skilled drivers here!

It has been a very productive - even though slightly stressful - day at conference here today in Hanoi. Firstly Sheldon from UNESCO gave a wonderful presentation, his point about the need to encourage trainee teachers in the use of ICT was particularly salient. UNESCO appear to have a very constructive approach to getting ICT into education, as his other direct hit was that the managers need to appreciate the value of ICT in education before the facilitators work in this area can be truly valued.
Our group project on old and new communities "Changing Worlds" is progressing well, it was great to meet up with our group and record their dialogue in four different native languages of each member of our group this afternoon.
The poster presentation 'competition' was actually much more enjoyable than I had imagined, a chance to showcase our work in a very positive way. The posters are interesting because of the huge diversity and the amazing innovations teachers are making in their approaches to teaching and learning strategies - all possible through the use of ICT.

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