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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Lisa's notes

I enjoyed reading these - Lisa Huff's eduplan wiki notes on what 21st Century Learning 'is not'.  I would like to add to this too - I am absolutely 100% positive that it is also NOT about what is in student's exercise books. This brings me to thinking about the definition of an exercise book - all suggestions and contributions to this discussion are welcome (particularly in light of the fact that my competence as a teacher it now seems could be judged on what is in my students' exercise books - I would have thought it was what was going in their brains that mattered)!
Let's start with this one as an example - any thoughts?
"A booklet for students, containing either problems and exercises or blank pages for writing answers"  

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efreeman said...


I hardly use student exercise books anymore! If we do it is for drafting, brainstorming and recording ideas. They are usually a mess and a record for the student only. Certainly not a place to showcase student work.