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Friday, March 14, 2008

Moodle meeting

Just attended an IT coaches meeting for moodling at Mt Maunganui College - there are so many opportunities for catering for a range of learning styles and offering students a variety of resources through this style of learning that I am amazed more teachers haven't adopted LMSs for their favoured approach to teaching. One of the most glaring advantages is that your activities and links are there for future use, better than any course book ever devised (as far as I know :) Another huge benefit is for students who might be absent for some reason or another - the LMS benefits the teacher and the student - no EXTRA preparation, and the student can access the class at any time that suits. This is just the basics - there are so many reasons for using an LMS that there is no way the benefits can be outweighed by any disadvantages.
I know there is a time factor in course creation and modification but hey, once it's been done the work to maintain it is minimal and the benefits optimum. Teachers need tools like this to help them keep up in such a fast paced environment as the one they are working in, if they are to continually strive to do the best for students.

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