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Monday, March 24, 2008

Teacher resources site

This site has links to a range of teaching resources. Meanwhile my easter weekend has been both productive in terms of taking some great pics of students for my poster, and relaxing in having a couple of fabulous times out sailing. We would have stayed out but my daughter from Wellington was here and we also wanted to make the most of our time with her before she headed back south. Caught up too with our friend and sailing buddy Kim who is off to teach in the Gibson Desert in Western Australia - best of luck there Pricey, it will be a big adventure and you will make the most of it.

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Mr Lietze said...

Hi there :+)
I too live here in the Bay and teach at Bethlehem College (Yr 6).

Great to spot your site. Thanks for the heads up on the resource site for teachers. Here is another idea for you - I often just jump on over to and do a search. I find heaps of stuff there that other teachers have found and they have bookmarked.

Oh I see you know Rochelle. She is my ICT Facilitator for our cluster.

Hope to see you around.

You can find me at